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Rich and Poor: 10 Differences between them

Being born as poor is no mistake of ours but definitely dying as poor is. Many have been born in poor families but many more have learnt to have a poverty mentality. This article is a brief analysis of the poverty mindset and the reactions of the rich.

The rich and the poor react differently to life. Even though you put them in the same place, still they will come out with completely different observations, suggestions and outcomes. The following are the 10 differences of how the rich and the poor react. This is a great learning and will help us. This rich and poor necessarily mean the  typical mindset they carry.

  1. Poor people are skeptical and the rich build trust; Weak people suspect; the rich trust.
  2. Poor people find fault with everything. They blame the government, their parents, their surroundings and even themselves; The rich don’t have time to blame. They don’t find fault; they find success. Thy find a way to overcome.
  3. The poor make assumptions; they assume about people. They assume about things; the rich don’t assume but ask questions. Asking questions will bring in the answer. Lingering on the solutions will help one to achieve it.
  4. Poor people say -they -them, rich people always say we. Groupism and inner city rivalries is the destruction of any city or an organisation.
  5. Poor people want the cheapest way to do everything. They all the time look for cheap things. Even if they are not going to use they will buy it because those articles are sold cheap. Rich people want the best; The rich want the best price, best things.
  6. Poor people think money is more important than time; rich people know that time is more important than money; poor people waste hours; the rich know time is more important than money. They trade their time. They ensure you deserve it before they give you their time. Rich don’t waste their time. They are busy doing something. Think the $500 which was spent can be earned back but the 5 hours which was spent cannot be earned back. They don’t waste time they keep doing something
  7. Poor always compete; rich people create; poor are always in competition and in a race. When the poor get an opportunity they will first shut the doors for others. Poor people will not share their information. The rich will create atmospheres for others to be blessed, for others to rise.
  8. The poor complain, condemn and criticise. They have learned to be poor from their predecessors. Their family had taught them to find out what is wrong. Rich people celebrate, praise and enjoy the blessings. They appreciate the blessings; they celebrate the blessings. They see God as a provider as a reason to rejoice. The rich rejoice. They create something to be happy.
  9. Poor people seek immature advice. They even listen to the opinion of some customer  in the barber’s shop; They believe in almost all opinions without questioning their authority. They accept opinions fast; they prohibit themselves from research. They accept opinions and they don’t discern. Rich people seek expert advice; they pay for it. They want to know how things work; why they work. They live their life in well qualified information. They search for the expert opinion. They pay for it.
  10. Poor people have a television but the  rich has a library. If you have to go very far you should have something that shows quality. Making progress, favour. All the things poor people want and do is entertainment. They are all the time taking someone’s side and fighting among themselves. The rich are searching for knowledge and understanding. The poor are asking everyone to understand them.

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