Comfort Zone – Profit or Loss?

Human beings are creatures of settlement. Basically we explore lands and seas till we find places fertile and safe to create habitable places. These places we select are always plain and connected by water bodies which made life easy. These places later become towns and even cities. 

We notice this right from our earliest civilizations. Yes, settling down in our comfort zones has distinct advantages which cannot be denied. But settling down in those safe and secure pastures has also denied many of our youth from advantages which can only come when you leave them behind and venture out into those new frontiers.

What is a comfort zone?

In this modern world comfort zones are a psychological, emotional space and a behavioral world that defines the routine and the outcome of our daily life. Where you feel safe and secure because everything is predictable because of your familiarity. 

Why do we create comfort zones?

Creating a comfort zone is a healthy adaptation for much of our lives. It is human nature to search for security because life is full of uncertainty and insecure situations. This motivates us to build a nest around us, be it work or a business or any other endeavour. This place ofen keeps us  calm and comfortable, free from anxiety and worry. And we resist any attempt by anyone to disrupt it or take it away.

Unless we know the greater advantages of stepping out of our comfort zone we won’t usually take the risk.

4 Benefits when you get out of your Comfort Zone

So, what do we profit when we step outside our comfort zone? Unless we know the benefit we will not get out of our comfortable cocoons. When the whole world is talking of the big picture, those who venture outside their comfort zone are actually stepping into their big picture.

Yes by taking the risk they are changing, growing, and ultimately transforming. Here we see four advantages of stepping out of our comfort zone.


The number one motivation for getting out of your comfort zone is that there is a new level of financial traffic which will begin to flow into your life. Many times our needs are legitimate which need more income. Actually many are not able to go to higher levels of earning just because they are unwilling to break the mould and step out of their comfort zones.

Also getting out of our comfort zone won’t be as bad as you expect. Let me tell you, everyone who got out of their comfort zone was scared too. One should always know that people with less talent than us are successfully doing the thing we are just avoiding. The only difference is that they tried it. It is also a fact that everyone will fail a few times but eventually according to the law of life they learnt it, mastered it and became successful.

There is no better way to grow. Push yourself and you will grow. Guaranteed. And it feels great!


All are concerned about their health and few take care of it by exercising. But it is quite easy and automatic for anyone to improve their health also when they get out of their comfort zone. Getting out of our comfort zone is more work and different work. New challenges and experiences switch on certain parts of your brain to make you stronger and healthier. New challenges always result in new heights in good health and strength. Over the years, scientific research has found out that our brains benefit from new challenges, new exercises and so on. New challenges are a great way to keep your brain young and healthy. Keeping your brain healthy is keeping you healthy.  


Getting out of your comfort zone boosts your self-confidence. You know for sure that you have come out of your nest to charter untreaded waters. You’ll be more productive and more creative. Comfort kills your productivity and makes your life monotonous. The more diverse your experiences, and the more confident you are in your ability to face new situations, the more resilient you will be. 

You become more adaptable to change because you have to grow, whether you want to or not. This confidence is in itself an accomplishment. It is also a silent contributor to the success you will eventually get. Someone said, ‘Success breeds more success.’


Staying in your comfort zone makes your vision narrow and is like wearing blinders. You will tell yourself that all you care about are the things that are already a part of your life. You will continually convince yourself that you dislike the things you’ve never tried. They just aren’t for you. And with every such thought, you erect thicker walls between yourself and everything that makes you uncomfortable. Take some risks and the walls start coming down. You will become more resilient and prepared for whatever comes your way. This resilience makes you friendly which attracts many. We are not able to make connections with people who can be a blessing to us because we are not accommodative. This will in turn make us more inclusive and broadminded. Such who leave their Comfort Zone become more tolerant, understanding and helpful especially of those who are failing.  

It is worth breaking the mould of the comfort zone. New frontiers change our status quo. New accomplishments change our denominator. Our benchmark becomes higher. Life changes when doors open which we never knew existed. 

According to me the greatest blessing out of all these will be that there will be many others who will be encouraged by your good example and will accomplish greater things in their lives too.

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