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Happy Fathers Day

On this International Father’s Day let us get to know some oft-ignored and lesser-known facts about the role fathers play in the formation, growth and the well-being of the children. Yes, it is not only the fathers but also the father figures that contribute immensely to their children and thereby strengthen the society overall. Growing in the presence of his or her father helps kids beat dry every challenge and crisis, which comes to decapitate them.

We always come across write-ups, stories, and poems glorifying the role of a mother in society and in a family. Everything is right about that however we often underestimate or altogether ignore the role of a father.


Fathers can be equally attached to the baby just as the mother is.

Everyone agrees that mothers and infants are greatly attached to each other because a mother nurses the child. But many don’t know that even Fathers and infants can be equally as attached to each other. When a father is actively involved with the child, infants are attached to both parents from the beginning. When you are emotionally engaged with your child you actually implant a tremendous advantage inside your kid to overcome many challenges in their childhood and adolescence e.g. Complications about their identity, doubts regarding their ability and by dealing with these issues you actually wire them for excellence.


Father’s involvement brings good overall health

Physical: Fathers involvement brings about better health weight-gain and increases milk intake in infants. In fact, the father’s absence hinders development from infancy right through childhood and into adulthood. His absence psychologically harms the child, the effect of which continues throughout life.

Mental: The quality of the father-child relationship matters more than the specific amount of hours spent together. Resident fathers can have positive effects on children’s social and emotional well being, as well as academic achievement and behavioural adjustment.

Children, who are close to their fathers-overcome depression, study well, enter college and find stable lifestyles. When fathers love with clear boundaries and expectations it leads to better emotional, academic, social, and behavioural outcomes in children.

Social: High levels of father’s involvement are correlated with higher levels of sociability, confidence, and self-control in children. Children who have had fathers that have been actively involved in their lives are less likely to act out in school or engage in any type of risky behaviour in their adolescence.

A study says children with actively involved fathers are: 43% more likely to earn an A-grade in school and 33% less likely to repeat a grade than those without engaged dads. Growing Up Without a Dad makes you a victim of insecurity. Many struggles with obsessive habits, low self-esteem, social anxiety, and depression. Sometimes the dad is present but walks away from his fatherly duties entirely. This absence leaves an indelible mark on a children’s psyche as they grow into adulthood.


The Fathers presence provides their daughters with a masculine example

Studies have shown the many benefits that come from a strong father-daughter bond. Usually, the father is the proto man in a daughter’s life. He sets the pattern for all the future relationships of the daughter. They teach their children about respect and boundaries and help put daughters at ease with other men throughout their lives. So if she didn’t grow up with a proper example, she will have less insight and she’ll be more likely to go for a man that will replicate her father. Father’s engagement in the lives of daughters reduces psychological problems and rates of depression in them.

Daughters who have been neglected by their dads are more likely to become sexually active earlier. One of the benefits that come from a strong father-daughter bond is that most notably, girls who are close to their dads are less likely to get pregnant as teenagers. They delay engaging in sexual relationships, wait longer to get married and have children, and when they do find a husband, their marriages are more emotionally satisfying, stable, and long-lasting. Studies show that more than 70% of unplanned teenage pregnancies occur in homes where there is no father.


A Fathers presence provides their children with the ability to overcome disorders, poverty and addiction

Abandoned children are more susceptible to addictions. Some common symptoms of fatherlessness are depression, eating disorders, and low self-esteem. The absence of a father can trap children in negative cycles from which they can’t easily break out.  Usually, they are at greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse. They turn to drugs and self-medication to numb the pain themselves. Such abusive lifestyle makes them poor and is involved in crimes for easy money.

So a proactive father’s engagement greatly reduces the frequency of behavioural problems in boys while also decreasing the crime rate and poverty in families. Studies show that fatherless adolescents were found to be 69% more likely to use drugs and 76% more likely to commit crimes.

To top it all data suggests that children without fathers are more than twice likely to commit suicide.


Fathers enjoy your sons with clear-cut boundaries and expectations. Know that you are having the privilege of nurturing future fathers of a generation. Treat their mothers with love and respect. So you know that it will facilitate them to have stable families. Don’t dominate them and break their self-esteem.

“ The Nation must recognize that Fatherlessness has emerged as one of our Greatest Social Problems. Children who grow up with Absent-Fathers can suffer Lasting Damage. ” by Former President George W. Bush

Mothers don’t separate your sons from their fathers. They need them as much as they need you. Don’t manipulate them for your advantage and insecurity. Remember no one wants a momma’s boy to be their husbands including you.

Today Society as a whole has the Responsibility of Making every son into a Father.

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