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Yes, all dream to go up in lives. Many are unhappy where they are, but do not know how to change. They know that there is still something wrong sticking to them. If you ask them they will tell you that they can spend any amount of money and time that someone could help them in what should they should do. This is the cry of millions. How to change? These 3 things will change you and take you to the place where you actually belong.

Reading more books

  • Books teach us the patterns and principles to help us prosper in the totality of life.
  • Dogs are not peoples best friends but books are. Books are the best friends because a book talks without an accent in your own voice.
  • The practice of reading books develops the power of concentration and creative thinking.
  • By reading books you avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’. You can learn from those who already have uncovered the truth before you.
  • No scientist today tries to discover the basic law of gravity. How gravity works is already written in books.
  • Patterns and principles that will make you rich are readily available for you if you will read.
  • Youtube is a great technological advancement  but the skill of reading brings a greater impact on the reader. The impact of hearing is always more than the impact of seeing because you align more faculties to the truth when you read.
  • Remember a leader is always a reader and a reader, a leader

Surrounding ourselves with the Right kind of People

  • People bring an atmosphere with them. Some call it ‘energy’.
  • This energy or atmosphere can be positive or negative.The right kind of people have something right about them and they carry it with them wherever they go.
  • So it is important to choose with whom you are going to hang out with.
  • Much of the decisions we make is influenced by those we keep around us.
  • The right ones will always make a right atmosphere for you to make the right decisions.
  • One of the greatest blessings in our life is to find a True Friend.

Setting Higher Goals

  • The moment you set the goal higher you automatically raise yourself to meet the goal.
  • Yes higher goals makes us  higher performers .
  • Goal setting provides the  direction . You know which one to take in the myriad of endless paths.
  • Goal setting brings clarity. Will help in focussing on what is important. Crystallised thinking will always help us in keep us away from unnecessary agendas.
  • Goal setting brings in  you a great control of your future. Your future will not be at the mercy of your circumstances. if needed you rise up above your circumstances to achieve your goal.
  • Goal setting provides the Motivation. Motivation and Discipline are the two sides of the same coin. Discipline is always a problem to many. When you have the motivation then discipline will not be an issue. Motivation automatically brings the discipline you need to achieve the higher goal.
  • Goal setting gives  you a sense of personal satisfaction and a sense of purpose in life. Purpose is the meaning behind living.

Changing your life is not complicated. It is possible to change at any point. There are only 3 things we should do to improve. If you change these 3 areas you can change every area of your life. God bless you as you do this.

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