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Is Sex having Something More to it?

I met this young man who was very upset. He was furious, “My mummy is involved in an extramarital affair, I cannot believe this,” he was fuming. He said he could not digest this and this news had shattered his world. Have you ever come across such things or even wondered why such news upset and especially should disturb the children? We all are born in families to a father and a mother. In today’s fast pitched world, where many important parameters of success have come to play should we consider the emotions of our children, when it comes to sex?

Beyond Everything

Yes, we all know love is blind. It goes beyond all boundaries of race, color or language. People really don’t consider any of these before they start a relationship. If so, why is that these kids have such standards for their parents when it doesn’t matter in the lives of their friends and even in their lives? Or do we have different standards when it comes to our families? If it is agreed that love has no boundaries, but why still conditions are imposed when it comes to the family. In some Indian families, even marriages are not permitted if it is not in the same clan. Why we human beings think differently?

Birds and Animals

Look at the birds and animals. They don’t think the way we think. Except in some cases each time it is a one-night stand. Animals have no chastity, no discretion, and no incest and no concept of unity and family. It only matters who crosses their way. Are we different from them? Why do we behave differently? Is it wrong in having sex with someone whom you love? Actually, animals are made differently when compared with humans. Today many are battling with ideas of sex that comes out of movies and magazines.

Who are you?

God made man and woman like God with unique capacities. Humans are created to rule the earth. They can imagine, express, create, build and do millions of things and achieve on this earth. Humans behave and live in a superior way upon this earth. Even in the way we have sex is far superior and meaningful. When a man and his wife have a physical union they face each other. Even their bodies are made in such a way that it is possible to come face to face. But no animal can achieve it even if it wants to. Why is this so? Is there a meaning and a deeper understanding of all this?

Depth of Sex

Even when we consider the way bodies are made. Facing each other gives us access to each other’s core nature, which is called the spirit of the human being. When we have sex with our partner we actually lose some part of us to the other person. So when two humans end up on bed it not purely a physical affair. It is also a spiritual affair. Sex is not the physical union but it is also a spiritual union. That is why there is such a great heartbreak in any separation.
In fact, this is a transfer, which is beyond the physical union. When we come together in sex we not only face each other but we also allow a transfer of attitudes, lifestyles and even sicknesses and diseases. Yes, there is a transfer of a partial personality. There is a soul transfer.

How to react with reality?

The real soul searching is to be done before a relationship is fixed worthy of going further. When a relationship is consummated, children are born as a symbol of this unity. Anything going wrong or any separation will punish not only us but also our children and even the grandchildren. Treating sex as a purely physical union is far from reality. Sex is more of a spiritual union than physical. Sex is to be treated with chastity and discretion. When you disregard the boundaries of sex and become promiscuous you actually develop a dull conscience of a violent mindset and hordes of physical disorders and complications.

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