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Is there an EASIER way to SUCCESS?

He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed. mMSP 13:20

  • Many want to succeed, overtake and win. Do they really know how?
  • Having a mentor is the supreme way to succeed, win and overtake. Because it is the easiest and spans the shortest trajectory.
  • A mentor can be your friend or a teacher or a leader who is someone you can trust and respect.
  • You need not reinvent the wheel again. you can learn it from those who already know it.
  • A Mentor can tell you something what it will take years for you to find out of your own.
  • A Mentor is someone who had gone before you and is willing to tell you his experiences and His struggles.
  • You mentor necessarily need not be the ideal  human being you want to be with but the truth of the matter is that  his experiences and his words will demolish your challenges and make way even into the most difficult path way.
  • Your Mentor sees your future before you do.
  • Your mentor is your coach not a cheerleader. They are not there to merely confirm what you are doing correctly.
  • Their goal is to correct you and prevent you from making mistakes.
  • We live in a community where elderly are mocked for their weakness. Have we ever understood that they can be our mentors.
  • The real respect for the elderly in our generation should return that our young will flourish.
  • Some older women in our generation have more insight and wisdom in their little finger than many young girls will have within the next twenty years of their lives.
  • Do you want to enter a food business or real estate? Find the most successful and productive realtor within fifty Kilometres. Establish a friendship. Become their follower.
  • Whatever your mentor is you will be his reproduction.
  • Sadly some cannot be mentored. They are unteachable. They think they know and become arrogant and self sufficient.
  • The future you will create depends upon the instructions you follow now.

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