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Making Decisions

Today many don’t know that making decisions is a very important thing anyone’s life. Everything happens in our lives because of a choice. Therefore we need to learn to make quality decisions. Everyday is an endless chain of decisions. Today instead of making choices and quality decisions many are desperately looking for excuses. Blaming is a mindset. This mindset has initiated even lawsuits which clog our courts and waste time and money of many. When we make a mistake we want it to be anyone’s fault but our own. We refuse to take responsibility for our decisions and as a result we have created a culture of blame.

Decision Making is Responsibility

Making Quality Decisions for It’s not our environments or the people around us or the conditions of our lives that determine our futures. It’s the personal choices we make or don’t make.Real people take responsibility for our own decisions. Your todays are an outcome of the decisions you took yesterday. Quality and circumspect decisions make us to have a quality and well-rounded lifestyle. Your daily decisions determine your destiny.

When we grow up in abusive families then we are surrounded by negative people or been the victims of crime, extended poverty or physical handicaps have challenges most of us know little about and can hardly understand. But even within the content of a horrible upbringing physical handicap or negative situation, it’s the choices we make in the context of those situations that make the real difference in or lives.Your ability to change your life in directly connected to your ability to make choices and to take responsibility for those choices.

Decision making is Planning

Many have the greatest goals and aspirations but never seem to actually get anything down on paper. They have the desire to do it but they have never made the decision to do it. Decision is always the by-product of commitment. When you commit to reaching a goal, you make a decision a choice and things start happening. Good plans shape good decisions. That is why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.

The desire to make good choices is one thing; actually making those choices when the time comes is quite another. Its one thing to deicide you are going to stop drinking alcohol and but its another thing to make that choice at the next party when the hostess hands you with the beverage. Its one thing to decide to deal with pornography but it is another thing to make the right choice when your are alone and realize how easy it is to find it on the Internet. Intentions and actions are two different things. We should know that we are not recreating but we are advancing in another direction.

Every leader had to make difficult decisions. The cornerstone of great leadership is the ability to see information and then make the correct decision even if that information is incomplete or inaccurate. In the business world top executives are not paid to carry briefcases, analyse data and run meetings. They are paid to make decisions. At the highest corporate levels so many people lives and economy of the nation hang in the balance and correct decisions are critical.

Decision Making needs Courage

Making those types of choices sometimes takes great courage. Without courage all virtue will eventually become fragile. Winston Churchill called courage the first of human qualities because it guarantees all the others. That is what we mean by the courage of our convictions.

Love makes courage necessary. Its love that makes courage possible for all of us to possess. You get courage by loving something more than your own well-being. When you love virtue, when you love freedom when you love other people you find the strength to demand courage of yourself and those who aspire to lead you. Only then will you find the courage as Eleanor Roosevelt put it: to do the thing you think you cannot do.

The kind of courage you display does not have to happen on the battlefield or in a corporate boardroom. Courage happens when a mother speaks up for her son in a parents-teachers meeting, a when worker defends a fellow employee wrongly criticized at the office.Courage is what takes you from intention to action and from debate to decision.

Begin today. Every time you procrastinate making a decision, you take a detour on the road of change. Success is simply the result of a lifetime of quality decisions and everyday you delay puts your future success on hold.

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