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Money Sex Power

I am publishing this book as I feel now is the time for you to flourish and be successful. Your wait is over. If you aim for complete success then you need to understand and master three things: Money, Sex and Power. This book will teach you everything about Money, Sex and Power.

POWER (1) - Version 2

Every learning needs a Grand Master to learn from. This book was originally compiled and written by the richest and the wisest man who ever lived in human history; King Solomon the son of King David. He lived 950 years before Christ. He wanted the future generations also to be the wise and rich. So he wrote this.

Today the Jews constitute less than 0.2% of the world population, yet 22% of Nobel Prize winners are Jews. 41% of Nobel laureates in economics are Jewish; 11% of the world’s billionaires are Jews, and 20% of the world’s richest are Jews. We should know that the Jews are extraordinarily wealthy and intelligent and that even 70% of today’s trade is handled by the Jews; 90% of all the MNC’s are Jewish. I believe the secret of this extraordinary success comes because they have learnt it from this book.

Many do not know that such a detailed and precise ancient work of this order exist. You are lucky to have this profound and superhuman piece of wisdom compiled into a book form.

The principles you will find in this book has in the past helped millions to be successful, subdue opposition, have dominion. The truth written here has elevated the poor; brought freedom to the slaves. These principles have helped kings to rule, kingdoms to dominate. Even cities were rebuilt and countries had gotten freedom from oppressive rulers.The modern management schools of this world are teaching these principles. Much of the contemporary management theories and leadership ideas have actually birthed from this book.

However, being ignorant of these truths has lead to death and defeat of so many millions on this planet earth. Many dynasties that had dominated for centuries disappeared as they had violated the principles mentioned in this book.

This book contains 90 pages (15x11cm) and costs Rs.100. Presently you can get this book from me.

-Thomas Jayaraj (

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