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Negative Behaviour

  • The cause of every Negative behaviour is a Negative Mindset.
  • Negative mindsets are behaviours which are repulsive.
  • How to overcome the negative mindsets which is in us?
  • Sometimes we become so comfortable with those behaviours to the extent that we believe that behaviour is ours.
  • Friends we can come out of all negative behaviours at any point in our life.

Why should we come out of it?

Very simple! All the negative behaviours are expensive. It costs the one who possess it a lot of money. For example if you are reactive and rude you are going to loose business contracts which is worth millions of dollars. At the same time being prudent will attract much profit in every way. Wise will dump the negative behaviour rather then losing the profits.

Negative behaviours and their reasons

We will discuss some prominent negative mindsets here

  • Low Self Esteem is a prominent attitude many carry. Low self esteem is with the one whose self is his God or his problem is his god.
  • Complaining is the outcome of laziness. The guy who complains always finds fault with the system and how bad things can become. Instead of getting up and making things straight he tells how good it was once upon a time.
  • Murmuring is a prevalent attitude many carry. murmuring is voicing the opinion inside one’s mouth without being heard because of fear. Why murmur? It is a direct outcome of an oppressive atmosphere. People murmur because of a fearful obedience. They are afraid to be heard. Such people should trust the right people and come out of oppression.


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