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Some people are more negative even in a positive situation This  negative bias is the phenomena by which they give more weight to bad experiences than  good experiences.

In short, ‘bad stuff’ is stronger than ‘good stuff.’ Subsequently, they think about bad experiences for longer periods of time and this bad stuff weigh more heavily upon them.

Do you know psychologists say negative emotions have  3 times more stronger effects than the positive emotions? Then why do people become negative?

Like many other habits even this habit of negative bias has to do with the past experiences of the person.  It is possible that they were defeated or went through failure. When they accept this defeat they perceive and persuade that they are defeated. This produces negativity. Negativity comes out of inner defeat.

Beware negativity does not end with negative perception or a negative analysis but has deeper effects on our behaviour.

Usually negative people will never say sorry instead they will justify themselves of all they do is right. Negativity justifies  itself.

Negativity isolates them from positive people. They will brand the positive people as rash and irrational. They think they are more pragmatic.

Negative people will gel well with other negative people. They will create a community of negative people. In every community the negative people will group together and bring negativity in all decisions and spread the negative atmosphere. They will not allow anyone to excel and improve.

Negativity magnifies and distorts the truth. Because they are biased they always distort the truth.

A negative person makes sweeping statements and harsh judgements. They are rash. They don’t think about the consequences. In the bargain they can hurt people.

A negative person limits the present and sabotages the future. Negative behaviour in a long term will bring loss, sickness and frustration.


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