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What is oppression?

  • To understand the dynamics of Oppression we need to know the way we humans are made.
  • One of the primary ability of every human being is the ability to choose.
  • We see this ability even in a new born baby. It uses its ability to choose. Whene  it needs anything it cries. It communicates and gets what it wants.
  • As we grow up we train our will and acccept oppression as a way of life.
  • Today we also have systems prevailing in this world which will not allow us to question. Sometimes leaders, sytems, jobs, religion, will tolerate no questions.
  • Reverence and obedience can be misused by those in authority to oppress the unassuming and the vulnerable.
  • Whenever anyone is not able to use his free will under a system, then he is under oppression.
  • Authorities and teachers can easily oppress the people under them. The poor, women and children are usually soft targets to be oppressed.

How to know that you are be oppressed

    1. When you are not allowed to make decisions for your life.
    2. When someone else is making decisions for you.
    3. When your free will is bent according to someone’s desires.

What happens to the oppressed?

  • Usually the oppressed suffer from a low self esteem as they were never trusted with a free-will decision.
  • They become confused as there were always more then one direction to take.
  • Usually oppression suppresses their ego, self will, self respect and so on. So the victim even can  become violent and judgemental.
  • sometimes they have no clear cut direction and be confused about everything about live.

What to do when you are opppressed?

  • Immediately make plans to get out of tehat oppressive system. Dont  wait.

How to be a non-oppressive and responsible leader?

  • Teach how God created us and for a purpose. If they are atheists then tell them, how we are made.
  • Teach them the truth of oppression and how it affects people and defeats them
  • Teach them the principles of life  and the consequences if violated.
  • produce a conducive atmosphere which will encourage to take risks
  • will lead you to your destiny place|”:

How to be free from oppression?

  • Be a Responsible Leader
  • Be under a responsible Leader

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