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Sex is Good?

  • The moment we hear the word ‘sex’ we immediately conclude it is a forbidden.
  • Of course some want to stay away from it and some are curious about it.
  • We should not forget that sex is an integral part of societies, families and even our personal lives. It is required that we not be ignorant.
  • Apart from the pleasures associated, we should also know the responsibilities associated with sex. Freedom without responsibility brings disaster.
  • Many countries so rich in natural resources are brought to poverty by its irresponsible leaders ( along with their counsellors)
  • Getting involved with sex without proper guidance will definitely be a source of disaster and sorrow.
  • Any blessing given to us can be used, misused or abused. Our hands are given to us to embrace. But some use it for hitting and physically abuse others.
  • Our bodies can be used, misused and abused.
  • We have freedom to get involved in the sexual area. But irresponsibility and counsel of foolish associates will make the indulging life miserable.
  • If you study all those who had achieved something in life they all were restrained in the area of sex.
  • Living an unrestrained life in the sexual area had made many into unwed teenage mothers. The Girl who should be busy building her career by adding value to her is in turn busy caring for the crying baby.
  • Every baby requires a mature father and a mother to care for and to give it a secure future.
  • Such single mothers who give birth when they are too young cannot give a secure future to the infant.
  • Such babies are taken over by the government in certain countries. Though the government  helps;  babies are not born to governments but between a father and a mother. God intended the babies to have parents.
  • Generally  puberty is attained during teenage.  Puberty is not the licence to be sexually active.
  • Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, states that a girl in India can’t marry before the age of 18, and a boy before 21.
  • Getting  sexually active before marriage had not produced any better-evolved-balanced human beings but  definitely is a source of many embarrassments,  abortions and fatherless babies.
  • Yes Sex is good inside your marriage. You will be celebrated.



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