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The First Law of Money

Everyone is interested to know the laws of money. To understand it we need to understand today’s world. Today’s world functions differently when compared to the past.  It has changed the way it behaves and transacts. For example, previously everybody had to do everything; like, every one ate what was cultivated in their farms, wore dresses stitched by their mothers and built their houses and lived small.

But in today society has evolved and people have the liberty to choose one of these trades. They choose to become either a tailor or a builder or an engineer. So, if a tailor needs food he goes to the grocer. Likewise, if a farmer needs dresses he goes to the tailor and so on.

Money Money Money

So money is introduced in modern society and it becomes a central instrument consummating every transaction. In this society, money has begun to play a key role and everything is bargained and evaluated in terms of money.

Today everything is paid through money. Your salary is given to you in money. If you buy your groceries you have to give money or if you sell a house, they will give you money or if you have a year-end profit, again it reflects as a balance of money in your bank account.

People have misunderstood that money is everything. Thereby money has become the core wealth and the sole purpose of living.

But the truth is money is the representation of an article or a property or an intellectual property of value.  We also should know that money by itself is just a paper and carries a value only through the endorsement of a competent authority.

Because money plays such a wide role, it is important to know the laws of money and master it to become wealthy and rich. Ignorant people violate the laws of money and end up in poverty. Remember poverty is not the absence of money but it is the presence of ignorance.

The First Law of Money

This is the first law of money:

Money is not given to you to be spent.

*MSP 10:15 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city; the destruction of the poor is their poverty.

MSP* 18:11 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and like a high wall in his own esteem.

We build cities with money. A strong city sustains every attack of the enemy. We need to build it with the money we earn. Today the poor live in weak cities. That means they can be easily destroyed. The money which is given to you to build a strong city is used to buy articles which we can live without or buy after we have built the city.

Robert Kiyosaki said: The rich invest their money and spend what is remaining. The poor spend the money and invest what is remaining.

Today the poor have become moneymaking machines that they can be good consumers of various products and services. We live in a society driven by advertisements which tell us where is the next sale and what is the next thing we need to have. The majority on this planet has become consuming-machines. The general idea behind consumerism is that people should all, actively, be consuming more and more every year.

We are persuaded always to consume more so that modern economy can thrive. In fact, consumerism has become the modern-day slavery system. Read about the differences between the rich and the poor in the following link:

*MSP: Money Sex Power is an ancient book written approximately 3000 years before written by the richest and wisest man who ever lived upon this earth. You can get this by writing to the author.

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