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Family is Always First

Family First- Is it a myth or is it possible? In the multitude of confusions of every day how true is Family First. Every family member wants others to treat them very special.  Why should the Family be first and why them members are special? In today’s world sometimes family takes a back seat and others things become important. Our job, our money, our properties -though they are important they cannot take the number one position.

By default, the family is always the First

Every Family officially begins with the Wedding Day. In every society wedding is a very special day for all. Wedding days invite everyone’s attention, participation, and attendance. For the family especially in an Indian contest, this is a big event with a big expenditure. People actually save so many years for the wedding day. We invite all our friends and plant meticulously even the smallest details.

Also, these wedding days reflects how affluent the family is. So it is given a lot of care. It is the talk of the family for days. On the wedding day, even those people whom we have not met for many years come to attend the marriage. Yes, Family is always the First.

The Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, multiple cameras record every event and even the gestures. Everyone is in their best dress. It is the most important day for the couple and the families. It is not the boy marries the girl but also the beginning of many relationships between the families. But it is also the time where the families get united. Even more, marriages are fixed between the two families. And the many business relationships are also made on the basis of this marriage. Yes – Family First

Family First in the scope of marriage

Our marriage spans all areas of a human being; Spirit, Soul, and Body. Marriage touches the deepest core of your being. Knowledge touches your mind. Food touches your body and mind. But marriage touches your all areas of a human being. So if the marriage is unfulfilling the emptiness you will feel is of a higher dimension. Family brings healing in all dimensions. Yes, it is Family First.

Before your wedding day, you were a youth. On the day of marriage, you are given a new office as husband and wife. Your marriage is the society you are creating. Which is like a passage to the next level called father and mother. Your marriage is the passport of becoming a father and a mother. Our past Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi said that being a mother is the greatest expression of womanhood.

Family First

Consider you are the general manager in a Multi National Company. On one day, however faithful you serve they will retire you and ask you to go home. And appoint another person in the same place. If you go there after some time someone else will be sitting in your position earning the profit for the company. But your position in your family will be with you throughout your life and even beyond. Our family is the most permanent structure in our lives. But as a father or mother your children will retain your position forever. Even after you pass away from this life your grandchildren will still remember you fondly and address you as grandpa or grandma. No one can take that place. It is there for eternity. FAMILY FIRST – Yes it is possible!

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